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  • Jelly beans are an all time favorite and Jelly Belly are the most popular kind. We carry a wide assortment of Jelly Belly flavors for $12 per lb.
  • Our classic boxed gourmet chocolate collection is made from the finest Belgian chocolates available for purchase by the pound. In the mood for something more than pure chocolate? Try our variety of chocolate covered pretzels and dipped cookies all made fresh in our store using the finest chocolate. Pareve  While our entire store is Kosher certified, we also carry a wide selection of kosher pareve chocolates and candies that are made with no meat or dairy products or their derivatives. Our pareve candy and chocolates are the perfect gift when celebrating the Jewish high holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover Seder, Shavuot and Purim. Simply select the pareve option where available in the particular product you are looking to order. Please refer to our In Stock Inventory 2020 for a complete list of current chocolate offerings. Please note that actual items may differ due to availability. Items are subject to change without notice. Please indicate in the notes if you want a specific type of chocolate (e.g., truffles only, clusters only etc.). Sugar Free options available at Sugar Free Chocolates - Dolce Confections We can also create custom baskets and products and molds from most of the type of chocolate selections. If you have any questions about our offerings, contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you in any way we can.
  • A blend of hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, roasted almonds, raw hazelnuts, roasted cashews, and raw pecans. Available salted or unsalted.  
  • Delicious and crunchy malt flavor centers covered in creamy milk chocolate. Available in sugar or reduced sugar (sweetened with maltitol - Not a sugar free product). Sold by the pound.
  • A superior selection of walnuts, chopped dates, diced pineapple, raw cashews, raw pepitas, coconut chips, papaya, apricots, raisins, and banana chips.
  • An assortment of your favorite fruits dried to perfection including Apricots, Pitted Prunes, Peaches, Pears & Apple Rings
  • Premium milk and dark chocolate smothered over nuts to deliver a gourmet chocolate bridge mix to satisfy every chocolate lover’s craving.
  • Everything tastes better in chocolate, including fruit. One taste of our chocolate dipped fruits and you will not want to eat plain fruit ever again. Our classic assortment of seasonal fruit is made to order and includes strawberries, pineapple, apples, oranges, bananas, mangoes and blueberries dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate and served on a platter or in a box. Looking for a great favor for your engagement or wedding party? Try our wedding themed strawberries Dipped Strawberry and Fruit Platters - Dolce Confections Available for purchase by the pound. For orders greater than 3 pounds or if ordering a specific number of pieces, please call the shop. Made to order. Fruits are subject to seasonal availability. Local delivery only.
  • Foiled chocolates sold by the pound at $25 per pound. Available chocolates include
    • Foiled mini snowmen
    • Foiled mini santas
    • Foiled gifts
    • Foiled stars
  • Chocolate is good but when its sugar free, every one can enjoy it. We carry a full lineup of sugar free chocolates
  • Premium almonds sold by the pound. Available roasted and salted or unsalted.
  • Orange peel, apricots, pineapple slices and ginger are candied to create an intense fruit flavor.  Top that with our delicious Belgium chocolate and you have a treat with double the pleasure!
  • Peppermint center covered in a crispy, pastel-colored chocolate outer shell.

    Make a beautiful addition to a candy bowl, Easter party, or Wedding!

    Available in assorted flavors by the pound.
  • Dry roasted in-shell pistachios and salted to perfection
  • M&Ms

    Enjoy delicious, colorful fun with M&M'S. Sold by the pound.
  • Channel your inner chocolatier with melting chocolate that you can buy and melt at home and make your own chocolate treats! Sold by the pound.