Make an ordinary gift of wine extra special by surrounding it in chocolate!

Bring us your bottle(s) of wine or other liquor and we will include it in any size basket filled with our signature chocolates, pretzels, cookies and /or fruit or nuts.
Want to know which chocolates match with the wine you have chosen? Download our wine pairing guide to see which chocolates pair well with particular chocolate types and flavors.

We can include anywhere from 1-6 bottles in an appropriate basket as follows:

No. of Bottles     Lbs. of Chocolate     Basket Price (not including wine)

1                               2.5                             $100

2                              3                                   115

3                              3 1/2                            130

4                              6                                   225

5                              5 1/2                            210

6                              7                                   245

Want us to present your wine gift without all the chocolate? No problem. For a small fee we can prepare a nice basket by simply using wine bottles.

Please note we are not allowed by law to sell alcohol. We can only package alcohol you purchase and bring to us.

Local or courier delivery only. We CANNOT ship alcohol via UPS.