Candy Gifts

  • Licorice Sticks

    Licorice sticks in pre packaged bags.
  • Strawberry flavored licorice laces in 1.4 lb. bags.  
  • Chocolate dipped licorice sold in bags. Available in black or cherry flavor
  • Out of stock
    All of your favorite chocolate candies combined in a layered cake! Cakes can be customized for specific events or themes.
  • An assortment of your favorite candies arranged in a beautiful bouquet! Bouquets can be customized with specific candies upon request.  
  • Candy Boards and Platters

    What's the perfect gift for the candy lover? A candy board/platter filled with their favorite sweet treats! We create boards/platters filled with almost candy in vibrant colors and flavors! Want to create a board for a specific event or theme? Talk to our staff about the event or theme you are planning, and we will come up something designed to wow your friends or clients! Candy boards options:
    • Small - 8" x 8" round board filled with approximately 1.25 lbs. of candy
    • MediumĀ  - 10" x" 10" square board filled with approximately 2.5 lbs. of candy
    • Large - 12" x 12" square board filled with approximately 4.25 lbs. of candy
    Listed prices are for standard boards. Substitutions may result in additional costs. Please specify if there are particular candies you want included.
  • A 1/2 quart tin that can be filled with your choice of
    1. 1 lb. of Jelly Beans (please indicate particular color(s) in the notes)
    2. .75 lbs. M&Ms (please indicate particular color(s) in the notes) or Madeline's chocolates.
    Tin can be customized for particular events or occasions with a sticker on front and on the lid! Make the perfect little gift!