• Send a personalized message on a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" bar of chocolate included with a box of truffles and/or chocolates. Standard messages include "Happy Birthday", "Congrats", "Thank You", "Mazel Tov" or "Feel Better". Please let us know the message you want on the bar. (Space limitations may apply).    
  • Chocolate Bars

    Our signature chocolate bars are the perfect piece to give someone or to include on top of any basket or tote. Bars come in three sizes as follows:
    • Small¬† - 3.5 inches long x 2 inches wide
    • Medium - 5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide
    • Large - 7 inches long x 3 inches wide.
    Bars can be customized with personal messages or to reflect specific events or occasions. Please note the message to be included below. Space limitations may apply.
  • Customize one of our traditional baskets or trays with a personal message suitable for any occasion. Simply select the basket or tray you want (Chocolate Baskets & Trays | Dolce Confections) and add on (i) an appropriate size chocolate bar and message (e.g., Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Thank You, Get Well Soon etc.) and/or (ii) balloon at checkout!
  • Celebrate special moments with these chocolate glasses. Use them to hold your favorite liqueur or your desserts.¬† We can also fill the cups with your choice of candy or nuts. Available individually or in a set of eight.